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Last night was a good night. I felt like I had actually been ya know, recovering last night.

For one, I burned 265 calories at the gym. When the thoughts of “not enough” or “push yourself harder” came up, I told the voice to shut up and let me live my life because even half an hour was a lot for me at this point.

I ran at around 4.7 MPH the whole time. That’s huge. I never actually RUN the whole time, but I consecutively ran for at least 22 minutes (with a 5 minute walk break dispersed and a 3 minute power session to Levels, because that song is awesome). I didn’t make myself do a version of HIIT or go harder or anything. It was kind of amazing.

I actually felt like I enjoyed exercise because there was no oh my god push yourself you fatty you’re gonna die if you don’t run this. Yeah, that’s motivation for some, but for me that just makes me a perfectionist. So fuck that!

  1. findingthejoyofmylife said: We are so similar! Lately I’ve been trying to just enjoy running for running’s sake, and not focus on calories burned. It’s difficult but SO worth it
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